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"Using this model I was able to show CPAs how to save time and charge more for their services by being holistic and proactive at tax planning."

Chip Gordy, Financial Advisor
Baltimore, MD

"I now have 12-15 specialists at my fingertips that help CPAs and their clients save money. It's really a WIN / WIN / WIN for a financial advisor, CPA and his / her clients."


I've been a financial planner for over fifteen years and originally, I focused on retirement income planning and wealth advisory service. I didn't really have a whole lot of experience working with CPAs. It was always a kind of hit a wall. You call, talk to the gatekeeper. Oh, they'll get back to you and they never called me back, you know, I would just call them out of the blue, hey, would you like to get lunch? Um, I've got this great idea on municipal bonds or some other, I thought was a great tax saving strategy. It turned out that the, uh, CPA probably got five or six calls a week from somebody else. So, I was just really a number, not a name using this model. Um, I've been able to show CPAs how to save time and charge for their time by being more holistic and proactive with tax planning and with the resource team.


I've got twelve to fifteen specialists just at my fingertips that can help the CPA's clients save money and make the CFA the hero. And it's really a win, win, win. Well, my experience has been a phenomenal, I mean, top notch, the specialists, they return your phone calls, you have to tell him you're with Elite Resource Team, but they'll call you back. They've been, very nicely put it in layman's terms so I can understand it. Um, and they also go out of their way to explain it to the CPA, how it will work in their specific practice or with a particular case. I think the sky's the limit and it's just initially getting the CPA on board. Once they understand it and they can see the power they have that, what you guys call it, the Aha moment.


The sky's the limit. I mean, I think the, I'm going to be busy, busy and I ever thought I could be. I mean, I have one CPA asked me last week - where have you been, you know, they like being proactive and holistic, but they really don't know how to be. I've kind of showed them with this, this program, how they can use different leverage made to help save them time and they can use these different strategies that they've heard of but really don't know enough about so they don't feel comfortable in proposing it to a client. I kind of filled that gap for them. A couple of pieces of advice would be, first of all, I remember the first academy I went to Antoinette said, look, it's, it's a lot like an orange tree. You're going to plant the seed and then you've got to water it and watch her grow and bloom.


That's what's happened with me. It's been about a year now for me. Um, but I impatient on knowing that maybe a CPA would want to work with me or not, but as long as you're being proactive yourself and trying to show the CPAS and accountants basically how this system can work for them, it's going to work, you know, it's just, just like any other program or marketing a, you just stick with it, you know, be proactive and stick with it. Don't let someone saying - No. Just keep moving forward. And knowing that this system is in place and it's worked before, I mean, all you have to do is just stick with it. Like I said, be proactive. Stick with it. Persistence pays.

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