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"After meeting Elite Resource Team it became very clear to me that going forward I must partner with CPAs to start working with high quality business leads"

Adam Tafoya, Financial Advisor
Albuquerque, NM

"To be efficient and effective in this business,  I think, it's extremely important to have a source that can give you those ideal business leads. And CPAs and accountants are perfect for that."



Adam Tafoya, as a financial advisor, I've been in the business for about five years and initially the majority of my business came from individuals and in the past year and a half or so have I transitioned and started working more and more with business owners. Experience working with business owners mainly came from referrals from existing clients. So, I'd be introduced to a business owner or, the owner of the company or my client that worked at the company. And that worked really well because it was more of a warm introduction. I'm working with CPAS. I have a relationship with a CPA, that I had prior to joining Elite Resource Team. And that's the reason why I became more interested in joying the Elite Resource Team because, especially after watching the Elite Resource Webinar video, it hit me that what I was doing was exactly what they talked about as far as the third-party referral model.

I had a good relationship with the CPA; her daughter was an advisor and I had done some work with her daughter and then her daughter had a baby. She wanted to stay home with her baby, but it's the Mom, the CPA wanted to continue to work with me. So, when working with Elite Resource Team, that it really hit me that the effectiveness of their model and their approach can help me work with CPAs as opposed to just kind of waiting around for a CPA's client to bring something up.


Yesterday, as we're going through different concepts, I was writing down names of people that I, that I think it could apply to. I even sent out a few emails. I got an email back this morning from my client, but I brought up a couple things that we talked about in the training yesterday that I thought might apply to him and scheduled a lunch with him this morning. So, that's really exciting to be able to learn these concepts from this training and just makes me really excited to be able to present them to clients that I have. It is really, really helpful especially because there is a lot of information. Being around people who are either getting introduced to the model or have implemented it and being able to talk to them about what they've done is extremely beneficial to me because I can apply that in my business.

A majority of the stuff that I haven't heard of, I can take and really figure out how I can implement it. With the experience that I've had coming into this business, in the company that I'm with, I wasn't given any prospects or leads, I was responsible for finding my own prospects and clients, which I think is good. In order to build, I think, a sustainable business, you have to have that set of skills. But what I still run into, and obviously for the past four and a half years, what I've run into is being able to find the type of clients that I really want to work with. After I was introduced to Elite Resource Team, it became very clear to me that I need to start working with CPAs or accountants who have access to those qualified clients. I put a ton of effort into trying to find clients or prospects or trying to figure out what they need or how I can approach them. And it ends up taking up a lot of my time. And so, to be efficient and effective in this business, I think it's extremely important to have a source that can give you those ideal clients. And CPA's and accountants are perfect for that.

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