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"Before, I worked only with small business owners. Now, I see small, medium and even large business client referrals."

Ian Welham, Financial Advisor

"This is one of the best experiences I've ever had. I now have access to the best specialists in their own field and it's a real benefit to any CPA. My current book of business has grown rapidly because I've used a Team Based Model."


My name is Ian Wellham and I'm from Springfield, New Jersey. My firm is called Sage Financial Partners and I've been working with the team based model for several months now. This is one of the best experiences I've ever had, from meeting professionals who are really, really excellent top-class people in their own field and it's a real benefit to any CPA who comes to this event. I'm going to work differently with CPAS having been to this event because it gives me a little bit of insight inside into the way that they think and also the way that the experts who are actually here presenting would expect me to explain how they work and how the whole team based approach works. This events different from other conferences I've been to because there's so much more interaction between the actual attendees and the presenters. You had the opportunity to talk to the presenters, after ask questions as they're presenting, and then there's the other benefit which you can actually put to present us together and hear their opinions while you are actually discussing a real time case. My current book of business has grown rapidly because I've used the team based model and that means that I'm going to further spend more and more time trying to develop the business using that team based model. The CPAS that I currently work with can definitely benefit from coming to this. Some of them already been, I'm sure it will manage to get the rest of them to come to the next event, but overall anybody who comes here, he's going to leave with a tremendous amount or knowledge and confidence in how they can grow their own business. Since I started working with the team based model, my meetings with CPAs have gone much more positively. In fact, I'm able to explain to them the benefits to their business, which encourages them to work with me.

I'm working for 4 CPAS currently. There are all great CPAs and they come from varying sized firms, from single partnerships, right the way up to cps where there's twenty in the partnership. Um, and I think that a variety like that helps get a much better client base, much broader and I think overall that's going to mean is my business is going to develop better. And so the CPA firms that are working with the number and variety of opportunities coming from CPAs means that I could be busy 24, seven, 365 days a year. Literally. I see everything from a single small business owner right up to people who have businesses with 500 or a thousand people. And that is a tremendous change in my practice. Before I was only really seeing the small business owner. Now I see small, medium and even large business owners.

And that's been a great advantage. The thing that the CPAS love about this model is the fact that they still have the primary client relationship, which means that they get the benefit of working with the client through me. And at the same time when the client's finished the project with us, they get all the praise so that businesses enhanced. And the most important part about that, that client invariably wants to bring along one on that friends or business colleagues to that CPA, which provides, you have to gain more growth for the CPAS business. If there are any advisors who are thinking about working with the team based model, here's a few words that I think might help them. I've grown my business twenty percent in the last four months since I started working with the CPAS. I think that was something that I didn't envisage managing to do using any other traditional marketing tools. And so, if you give it a try, then you put all your efforts into it, follow the program exactly as it's supposed to be, you're going to be successful.

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