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"I'm now able to generate wealthier business leads, work with top level specialists and solve problems for business owners."

Stephen Burgess, Financial Advisor
Los Angeles, CA

"My experience working with Elite Resource Team has been a game changer from how I've been generating business leads to how I’m approaching it right now."


My name is Stephen Burgess and I’m a Financial Advisor. My experience working with Elite Resource Team is that I find it to be a game changer from how I've been generating business leads to how I’m doing it right now. I used to be chasing people and working seminars and just working hours on end, and now, I find myself that working with Elite Resource Team has changed that to where I'm working with professionals and can manage my time towards providing solutions as opposed to just going out fishing, so to speak. Working with the CPA team based model versus working with other marketing programs has been completely 180 degree difference. Working with other programs I learned things such as working with social security maximization and doing seminars or working with a group of people towards the goal of selling one product or two products. Working with Elite Resource Team, I find that there's so many different things that I didn't know that I'm now learning about.


You can apply that knowledge to solving many different problems. I've been in this position for about twelve years, maybe thirteen years, and after meeting with Elite Resource Team, I know that I can do this for another twenty years, will be extremely happy with it. The way that things have changed for me to being able to work with wealthier business leads, specialists and professionals as well as solving large problems for business owner clients. When I began this quest with the Elite Resource Team, it just changed things night and day. The first meeting I had with a CPA was everything that I hoped that it would be more, uh, was a very dedicated professional that wanted to do the same things that I did and was really happy to see that I could help him take his business to the next level. And while taking my own to the next level as well.


Some of the plans that I have in development and working with my CTC involved generating new business leads by seeking out dentists in our area. It's something that we both have an affinity for. We've noticed in our area that there had been an explosion of new dental practices there and after doing some research, we found that there are over 800 dentists within five miles of our office. Additionally, we're going to work with some of the existing business clients that he has as well as new ones on by-sell strategies and key man strategies, things that I would've never had the opportunity to do by working with social security seminars. If I had any advice to give to anyone considering working with Elite Resource Team, it's that it's a no brainer. If your idea of work is to work smarter and not harder and to make a difference in the lives of the people that you work with, it's just something that doesn't require any additional thought.

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