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Elite Resource Team has trained thousands of advisors around the world to help them build a more profitable, sustainable, and rewarding business.

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David Doerr, Financial Advisor

"I was able to learn what the CPA practice is all about and find the ways to address the needs of CPAs in a systematic way. Thus, creating consistent results!"

Robert Martinelli, Financial Advisor

"It's a WIN/WIN for the client, the CPA and myself. This is an excellent and very powerful model that you've created. It's reflected in my higher income as well."

Marilyn Prevoir, Financial Advisor

"Within the first 30 days I knew that I've actually found something different - exactly what I was looking for." I'm excited about the value that I'm actually bringing to people now."

Adam Amante, Financial Advisor

"I now have a system and confidence to make CPA partnerships. The CPAs that I'm working with are now delivering more to their business owner clients. I'm now able to focus on my family more than ever!"

Robert Spivey, Financial Advisor

"You do two things well. You find others who know how to do the rest. This is what this program is all about. It's a system that let's both, CPAs and I, be more profitable and successful."

Rick Martinez, Financial Advisor

I now work with multiple CPAs on larger 

cases and better solutions to business owners. I'm now seeing that "snowball effect" and I admit that this system has been pretty powerful for me!"

Ruben Rozental, Financial Advisor

"I now have a solid gameplan on how to approach CPAs and what to offer to their wealthy business owner clients. You've got to believe in this system to your core and results will follow.

Ian Welham, Financial Advisor

"This is one of the best experiences I've ever had. I now have access to the best specialists in their own field and it's a real benefit to any CPA. My current book of business has grown rapidly because I've used a Team Based Model.

Andy Bowman, Financial Advisor

"The CPAs I've partnered with can now provide solutions that thier business owner clients desperately need. This model has been a blessing for me, my partner CPAs and their clients.

Stephen Burgess, Financial Advisor

"A Gamechanger! I now work with professionals and I can finally manage my time towards providing solutions as opposed to just going out "fishing", so to speak. There are so many strategies I didn't know existed that I can now apply to solving problems for CPAs and their clients.

Raquel Mack, CPA

"By working with Team Based Model I'm finally allowed to create a business practice of my dreams and I'm really excited of what the future holds for me."

Michael Simms, Financial Advisor

"Team Based Model is a closing of the loop for us. We are now taking our tools and putting them in the right place to solve the puzzle. Only now I'm able to provide value to CPAs and the results have been very positive for us."

Chip Gordy, Financial Advisor

"Using this model I was able to show CPAs how to save time and charge more for their services by being holistic and proactive at tax planning. I now have 12-15 specialists at my fingertips that help CPAs and their clients save money. It's really a WIN / WIN / WIN for a financial advisor, CPA and his / her clients."

Doug Foster, Financial Advisor

"Aligning myself with CPAs gives me instant credibility as CPAs usually are the most trusted business advisors. When I show CPAs what I can provide them and their clients with, it's received well. Team Based Model provides a process that is systematic and, best of all, it works!"

Rene Castro, Financial Advisor

"Since I have been introduced to a Team Based Model, my business has changed. It is now much more efficient and much more enjoyable. Thanks to Ken and Anton I've never been as excited as I am right at this moment!"

Judy Zeigler, Financial Advisor

"Partnering with a CPA and offering small business solutions is a way to improve your own lifestyle. Through Team Based Model I was able to learn how to work with business owner clients as opposed to W2 employees. I've also gained access to specialists and concepts that are extremely valuable to CPAs and their business owner clients."

Dave Morgan, CPA

"Best thing about working with my partner, a financial advisor, is having all the solutions presented to me that I didn't know were even available. My clients are now infinitely happy with what I can offer to them with the help of Team Based Model!" 

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