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"Having a gameplan, a system makes all the difference in the world."

Ruben Rozental, Financial Advisor
Miami, FL

"I now have a solid gameplan on how to approach CPAs and what to offer to their wealthy business owner clients. You've got to believe in this system to your core and results will follow.


My area of expertise was working with pre-retirees and retirees, basically doing retirement financial planning and making sure they had enough money to maintain their lifestyle into retirement, but it was working with individuals. Every financial advisor out there wants to work with a CPA, the goose that laid the golden egg or has the golden egg. So, we all wanted to do with that. But there's no game plan. And what I've gotten from Elite Resource Team is basically a game plan. And so, I started following the game plan and you know, I'm very close to working with two CPAs right now. A CPA, and they will tell you this, a CPA is trained to be skeptic. That's just our nature, number one. Number two, from the time that they have any sorts of a business, they get bombarded by financial advisors promising the moon and never delivery.


So, in essence they've already been down this road. And so, you've got to create a relationship with somebody. It just going to take time, so you need to be committed to it. And B, you've got to believe in it to your core because if you don't believe in that, the CPA's going to smell something and say - there's something wrong here or something that I can trust. So, you've got to believe it. You gotta be honest, trustworthy, forthcoming, transparent, but you got to plug away. So, I've been in financial planning now for thirty-two years. I started all the way back in November eleventh, 1984. And I started with Merrill Lynch, so I was seventeen years in Santa, you know, working for the wire houses as they're known. And I've been a guy who've been pursuing assets under management, AUM, as we know it, for thirty-two years.


I'm literally changing the direction of the oil tanker and once it goes in the right direction, it's also unstoppable. And you're catching me at that area where, you know, we've just turned the oil tanker around. So, the way that this model has impacted the way I'm working with CPAS, number one is, when I go and meet with a prospective CPA, I've got a game plan. And I know where I'm taking this and it's really important in this relationship is that you not get bullied by the CPA. And so, you know, many of them, just like in our business, there's people with big egos and things like that and they already know everything, et cetera. And sometimes the best thing you can do with those things is don't fight it.


Just go onto the next one. But, when you find somebody where you think it could click, you gotta be persistent, but having a game plan makes all the difference in the world. I can't say that enough times. I submerged myself here for two and a half days looking only at Elite Resource Team, the plan, the layout, and essentially, I'm coming out of this, not only with a new sense of energy about it, but even there's a clarity that you get from these three-day events that you leave, and you say - OK, I know exactly what to do and if you want a game plan, they'll sit down with you and create a game plan. If you already know what you want to do, it's really really good.


And it kind of gives you that charge until the next one comes available. But I highly encourage everybody that if you're going to do this, come to these things, it's worth the time and the travel costs and especially your time as well. So, just some final words of advice. Look, you know, we are in a business that is changing everything, and our world is getting disrupted. And if you don't think that you're chasing assets under management or a fixed index annuity isn't changing by either a Robo Advisor or the DOL law, I think that you're in denial. Things are changing. This is a model that's going to have not just credibility but stability, like permanence to it. Because at the end of the day, people that have business owners and people who are wealthy will always need advice and they need that personal touch.


Somebody that can touch, feel. Something they can't get that from a Robo Advisor, right? The people in this program are really great. They really are, they're good people. I met some friends here and it's always nice to meet people and make friendships and relationships in your business. It's a healthy thing to have. So, if you're on the fence, I say, get off the fence because it's got a hurt. Come join us.

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