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"Elite Resource Team gives you a program, a system on how to successfully partner with CPAs and work with their clients."

Robert Spivey, Financial Advisor
Apex, NC

"You do two things well. You find others who know how to do the rest. This is what this program is all about. It's a system that let's both, CPAs and I, be more profitable and successful."


I've been in this business forty years working with business owners, entrepreneurs and c-level executives in wealth management and employee and executive benefits. I was a subject matter expert in different advanced markets. I would do a lot of public speaking. The problem I had was they would put me in one whole, so I used to get business, one off here, one off there, and that's all I would do. It wasn't holistic planning on my part. So that's how I got businesses being the subject matter expert and working with them and their clients. Accountants that I've worked with, they respect someone that knows what they're talking about, not just, play in the park. So, I've taken my career and I have gotten to be very credentialized and very knowledgeable in what I do and that that's what's helped me more than anything, to my knowledge. The problem you got is it's taken me years to do that.

And if you want to come into this business and work with accountants, it would be very hard now with all the changes and all this and it changes every day. And people have asked me, how do I keep up? How to keep up with all this will have had forty years. I've learned things as time goes on. As an example, when I came in the business, there were two products, term and whole life, universal life came variable life came. All these other products while they've learned them, as they were birthed, as they were design someone comes to business now and you get to learn it all at once and that's very difficult to do. The only way you can do that, in my opinion, is that strategic partners, people that do things better than you, you pick your area of expertise, and you work hard in it and find someone who does their part. As an example, all your life when I was growing up in the fifties and sixties, sixties, they'd say, there are five things you do. You do two well, let others work on those other three.

I think to be successful is five things you do well. Do two of them real well. Find someone else to do the other three. I've gotten into it. I've read everything and I can get my hands on that Anton sent me. I hope it simplifies my life. It's very good track to follow. It gives you a program, a system and if you don't have a system, you won't be successful in this business. You've got to have a system and I'm telling you from forty years of experience, I've tried every system in the world and if you don't commit yourself to it and work the system, don't even try it. But I think it will help anyone if they will take inroad of the business than what they tell you to do it. Don't recreate the wheel. If anybody could, I could and I'm not!

I worked with accountants and attorneys all over the country, so I've done a lot of work in California, done a lot of work in New York and do a lot Massachusetts hot tax areas. I've done a lot of work in, in areas of tax sensitivity, we'll call it. And I do work with a lot of accounts all over the place. So, what I want to do now is concentrate to be home more. I don't want to travel. I got two and a half million miles on American Airlines alone. I'm tired of traveling and I want to concentrate and work right in my area more. I want to expand the number of local affiliates or accountants or relationship that I have. Like David has one or two or three. I think if you get it really embedded with one or two or three, I don't know how you'd have time to do it more, but I think if you want to do more, you're going to have to bring some mentors and mentorees and you got to work with people and help them work with them and you're going to have to.

I want to simplify my life. I don't want to have forty people working for me anymore. Or I've had that. CPAS have the same problem that we have in our business. Their business is commoditized. Our business are being commoditized and they need to do more for their clients to save business. You're looking at all the acquisitions of all the small firms into the regional firms. Regional firms into international, if the CPA will really learn this, a lot of close minded, but if they'll open mind and do this, I think they will be more profitable. I think they'll grow their business better than they ever have and more successfully than they have in many, many years in. A lot of accounting firms are now going through stop, like Tony Robbins program and all, a lot a lot of things like that, which I'm very familiar with and my best friend is accounting firm and he just went into Tony Robbins deal and he's excited about it, but some of the same stuff we're doing here.

I think that some will accept it. Some wont, so what. In my career I've found that some, some people will try to take this and try to make it better, make it theirs. They are scared someone's going to make money on the work they do. On the other hand, I hope I make Elite Resource Team $10,000,000. It means I made 100,000,000. I'm just happy with that. I'm just happy as I can be with that. Um, so my closing thought is if you're open minded - get into it. Most people in our business are lazy and I'll probably made a lot of enemies just then. It's just they don't want to work and want to learn it, so if they try, I think they'll like it. If they try it, they don't like it, then stop. Try something else. If you think it's better because this won't fit everybody's book of business. This will not fit everybody's personality. Again, I'm trying to simplify my life, I'm tired of going after an elephant hunting. This is elephant hunting with a bazooka. You got the accountants behind you.

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