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"I can tell other CPAs who are interested - jump in! The CPA Team Based Model will add value to your business model."

Raquel Mack, CPA

"By working with Team Based Model I'm finally allowed to create a business practice of my dreams and I'm really excited of what the future holds for me."


Hi, my name is Raquel Mac and I've been practicing for about six years. When I first started my firm, I was really concerned about, you know, all of the other financial advisors reaching out to me trying to provide different services and it's hard to weed through to try to find someone you trust because providing value to my clients is the most important thing and I want to make sure that someone else is going to provide that same level of service. So, being introduced by way of certified tax coach and Elite Resource Team training group, it just made sense because this is someone who is getting the same type of training that I am. And so I know that they're going to follow the same value system that I do. I'm really excited about my practice. I struggled in the beginning because I was building my business based on referrals and eventually that pool of referrals, it's not going to always be consistent in order to build a sustainable business.


And I've always been very hesitant about marketing. And so I hired a marketing coach who has helped me build a pool of qualified prospects. And so now with having certified tax coach, elite resource training and assistance for constantly bringing in new prospects, I'm really allowed now to create a lifestyle firm and ultimately create the business of my dreams. So I'm really excited about what the future holds for me. What I would tell other CPAs who are interested in getting more information about the team based model is, you know, really jump in, you know, that's my personality. Like if I see that someone else can or another program can add value to my life so that I can spend more time with my family, then I'm all in and that's what my team based consultant has done. You know, Chip manages all of my third party relationships. So when he's managing it, that's giving me more time to really focus on my clients. And so, you know, I don't have anything bad to say I've had at such a positive experience so far.

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