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"CPA Partnerships Helped Me Find New Clients"

Adam Amante, Financial Advisor
Tucson, AZ

"I now have a system and confidence to make CPA partnerships. The CPAs that I'm working with are now delivering more to their business owner clients. I'm now able to focus on my family more than ever!"


It's been about four years since I've been working on developing CPA relationships. At first, it was just me kind of stumbling through trying to figure out what worked, what didn't, and I attended another program and personalities were very powerful, but that didn't translate into me so I didn't have a process for growing the CPA relationships. And now, with me working with Elite Resource Team, I have a process and also the confidence to build these relationships with CPAS. So, now I have a runway, now I'm tracking and I'm more confident and the CPAS that I'm working with are delivering more for their clients. So, I'm getting a lot of positive feedback from that as well. You know, right now I've got four young children and I am focused on, you know, blowing up the business so that can back off and spend more time with them because that's where my heart is.


So, I'm really going for it in that respect and when I can do that and deliver more value to Cpas and then their people, it's going to bring a lot of satisfaction. So what does the future hold? Um, I don't know, but it's going to be very exciting. It's going to be a lot different than what it used to be. You know, I have also done seminar workshops. I've tried about everything out there, but the best, longest lasting sources of business and also really relationships are through the CPA relationships. It's about relationships and you guys have a system that helps us build that and develop it. So that makes the future exciting. The work-life balance model is huge and it's something I have kind of front and center and a lot of times you're encouraged to work forty hours a week, but then if you work ten hours more than that, much more production, it'd be that much more successful work ten hours more and pretty much your whole life is, you know, working sixty, seventy hours a week.


And for me, my motivation is to spend time with those people that I love and treasure the most. And so what this does is it's allowing me to have more opportunities to make bigger impacts in CPAS lives and clients, but for me selfishly maintaining actually growing income, but spending time doing what I want to do most which has spent time with my family and have a bit of recreation. Anton and Ken have laid it out and it is a roadmap and you know, it's simply, it's like twister, except really easy. You follow the steps so it is change and you have to be willing to accept that, but the rewards are so great and it's laid out in described very clearly and they've spent tremendous amount of time developing all the different tools to support you such as the client information questionnaire.


They have scripts go or they have letters that have drip emails and they are invested in the process so that you succeed. So the support is unparalleled. The introduction to a certified tax coach is like adding fuel to the fire. I mean t is great because the CPAs are so knowledgeable already and they're coming in with a very high level of expertise. And then combining it with the heavy lifting that we've been trained to do the potential is unfathomable. It's been quantified by Dominique's experience too. But that's why I'm very excited about what it can do because you're pulling together to the best of both worlds where, with Elite Resource Team you have advisors who are trained to work with CPAs and then with certified tax coach you have cpas trained to work with advisors. You put the two together and it's amazing what can be done.


And you know, everyone wins. You guys keep talking about that. But I'm just excited about the prospect of that. So this marriage between the two is something that's amazing. There is a lot of training programs out there, a lot of books. There's a lot of material, but if you want something that works, that will deliver what it promises, come try it out. This model is worth your time, is worth the effort. It does take effort, but all good things do. So if there's things that interest you about it, come with an open mind. But I would also say if you're not willing to change, if you're not willing to look at a new model, then it's probably not a good fit. It isn't for everyone. But for the people who are committed to it and what those relationships with the CPA, true relationships, true meaningful relationships, then you couldn't have a better investment of your time or your resources.

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