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"Once you get one or two CPAs under your belt it starts that snowball effect"

Rick Martinez, Financial Advisor
Los Angeles, CA

"I now work with multiple CPAs on larger 

cases and better solutions to business owners. I'm now seeing that "snowball effect" and I admit that this system has been pretty powerful for me!"


I've been doing this for about six years, fully licensed both in the life insurance as well as an RA. I really just try to go out there and make my introductions. I didn't have a warm market to go after and I thought, you know, I don't want to just start doing this and see what happens. I've been fortunate enough to get about four relationships, trying to work on a couple more and just kind of going out there and seeing what else is out there from that perspective. The CPAS that I'm working with, we make a point to really talk weekly. So that's been very good from the perspective of just the relationship knowing what's going on in their life, but that turns into a lot of business questions, a lot of cases that they have on their plate that just becomes top of mind.


And when that starts to happen, once you get one or two under your belt, it starts that whole snowball effect. And that's what I'm starting to kind of see right now. A year and a half ago, I was really starting to question and I came from a big company, a secure salary, you know, making good money. I'm not jeopardizing anything at the household. Um, so it was a big risk that I took six years ago and looking for five years into it, it was, it was a challenge, you know, working on small cases, you know, always up against somebody else. I'm being shut down by a CPA that don't even know, that didn't want to have any kind of relationship. And now what's happened is that you're being walked into these types of clients, these high end types of clients that have these issues and the value that you're providing to the CPA and the way they're viewing you as completely different. OK, completely different. So, I would say just looking forward, if it wasn't for this program and what it's done for me personally, I think I'd probably be out of this industry. I'd probably be back to my old job, you know. And uh, so this has been very powerful for me. If you're looking for in a really to get to that higher net, net worst client, to have somebody riding sidesaddle with you, um, and in a process, this is a process. Then this is a definite program you've got to look into.

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