***Only for advisors in the Team Based Model Training Program who have completed Weeks 3-6*** 

Are you ready to take your success with the Team Based Model to the next level? During this 2-day event we're going to give you everything we've got to help you build relationships with business owners and accountants.

Here's a look at some of the things we'll cover over these


1. Mindset - The number one thing ALL our successful clients have done and you must do if you want to hit your goals.

2. Activity - An HONEST review of your activity and what will need to be adjusted to breakout of your current comfort zone.

3. Review - Detailed review of the 5-phase process required to build successful relationships with business owners and accountants.


4. Top Planning Strategies - Overview of the top planning strategies our successful advisors are using (including Cost Segregation, Charitable LLCs, Cost Remediation, and many more) with special guest input.


5. Revenue Opportunities - Detailed discussion on the revenue opportunities available through working with our team of professionals.


6. Panel Discussion -  Hear from a panel of our successful advisors about their experiences with the Team Based Model!


7. CPA Discussion - Live discussion with a CPA who has partnered with one of our advisors to hear a first-hand CPA perspective on what you NEED TO KNOW when working with CPAs.


8. One-on-One Consultations – You’ll sit down with one of our coaches to review your individual progress thus far and map out a 6-month plan to get your relationships with business owners and CPAs to the next level.


Next Event: Thursday, August 13th & Friday, August 14th, 2020

Location: Virtual

Note: This event is currently free of charge.  However, you will be charged a $250 cancellation fee if you register, but then fail to notify us at least 1 week prior to the event that you cannot or will no longer attend. 


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