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"Advanced tax planning strategies now give me an ability to focus on business owner clients that I want to work with. I now have all the tools I really need.

Dave Morgan, CPA
San Diego, CA

"Best thing about working with my partner, a financial advisor, is having all the strategies presented to me that I didn't know were even available. My business owner clients are now infinitely happy with what I can offer to them with the help of Team Based Model!"


The best thing about working with my partner in the team based model is having all the solutions presented to me that I didn't know that were even available. The team based model is different than, working in conjunction with other financial advisors or other business planners, because I do get to maintain the control of the situation and I act as the overseer of everything in the safe keeper of my client's information and their best interests. My clients have been so far, infinitely happy with what I'm doing. It's lead to referrals to other clients that are better than the ones I currently have. It's been incredible. I'm looking forward to this model, changing the way I do business, reducing the number of clients that I have so I can focus more time on the clients I want to work with, doing the work that I want to do and actually getting paid more money to do that.


The elite tax planning academy has exposed me to many different techniques that I wasn't previously aware existed. It gives me a, for me, a thirty thousand foot view overview, if you will, of the different techniques available, but it essentially as a tool to my toolbox that if I see a situation come up, I immediately go to my partner and we can look into it further and get the expertise that we need to get the problem resolved or the strategy or solution implemented. Best advice I can give to other CPAs is just trust in it and, and do it. It's fantastic, but you definitely want to have the mindset that you're ready to make a change. You have to embrace that change. And once you do, you won't ever want to look back.

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