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"I felt that Elite Resource Team was the first organization that actually delivers what they offer and more."

Tom McAuliffe, Financial Advisor
Centerfield, CA

"With Elite Resource Team I've got the tools. I've got the resources to really stand out from the competition and bring amazing, high-level advanced planning techniques to CPAS in order to help them grow their businesses, and to help them help their business owner clients."



My name's Tom Mcauliffe, I'm a financial advisor, in Centerfield California and I've been in the business thirty-two years and I'm a registered investment advisor and an insurance licensed professional. So, my experience working with CPAS and business owners was a one-off referral service. I hadn't Cpas, and business owners in my clientele and I chat with them and I would bring them my level of expertise that I was able to offer prior to Elite Resource Team. We did a reasonably good job about that, but I always knew there was something more we could be offering them. So, when the image that comes to mind is the guy who works out in the gym and he's given it, you know, four days a week and he's in good shape versus the guy who's doing it for a lifetime. And when we look at, uh, a real, a strength trained person hadn't shoulders above the competition.

And that's what the elite resource team's able to do for me. I've got the tools. I got the resources to really stand out from the competition and bring amazing high-level advanced planning techniques to the CPAS to help them grow their businesses and to help them help their clients, their business owners. The training has taken me to a new level with my existing clients and what's the professional relationship I have. I feel like after thirty-two years in the business, I have finally found a high integrity organization that has given me the tools to transform my life. Absolutely. The online training is icing on the cake. If you asked me to come to the training, I think this is my fifth one plus two academies, maybe even three academies. The, the collaborative nature of the events, is really a stimulating experience, highly recommended. The online training, I'll be honest with you, I haven't dug into it all that deeply and I'm looking forward to spending more time in there. Naturally were skeptical. There's, dozens and dozens of organizations that are offering the holy grail to financial advisors. I actually have looked at a lot of them. This is the first one I have, like I said before, the first one I felt that actually delivers what they offer and more. So, show up in one of the events. Find out for yourself, but there's a guy that works in Washington DC. I think his words are, believe me, take my word for it.

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